Ahmed Saleem is an experienced Information Security professional. Primarily interested in Incident Response, Malware Analysis, Threat Hunting and Software development. He considers himself an incident responder at heart. There is something about the investigating attacks starting from when the incident is reported, moving to triaging an incident, understanding the attack vectors, remediation and reporting which fascinates him. Creating the report of an incident in the form of a story and presenting it to the CISO/C – Level personnel is always a thrilling experience. Ahmed is routinely praised for his innovation, leadership style, mentoring of colleagues and business acumen.

Ahmed is an avid reader likes to keep himself up to date with the Threat Landscape and how geopolitical factors play a big role in cyber attacks. He also likes to read about malware analysis, new attack vectors and new adversaries.

Ahmed is extremely passionate about talking to people about their interests in Cyber Security. Guiding them about what are the different domains in the field and how they can pursue their interests to improve their careers.

Ahmed can be reached via email to nu11charb@gmail and twitter @nu11charb.

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